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To retain a customer once they have landed on your site a website needs to be easy to navigate and work across many devices. At Wildfeed we address these concerns with modern, responsive websites utilising all the latest web technologies.

We have built websites for all kinds of clients, varying widely not only in industry sector and requirements, but also in their desire to be engaged with their website once it is up and running. Due to this we have developed a multitude of approaches from a fully managed site and hosting to a very hands off relationship where the client has full control over their web resources.

Here are three examples of how we can service your web presence:

Please remember that all these options can be tailored to your needs.

Fully Managed

Once a brief and a style are agreed upon, Wildfeed will design and build your website including all written and image content. We will then keep your site current as new content and updates are required.


When your website is fully populated with the content supplied we will provide some training and guidance over how to make changes. We will still keep an eye on the site to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Client Control

Wildfeed will get you up and running with a website including any content you’d like the site populated with, we will then hand it completely over to you and will only get involved as and when it is requested.

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